Let's celebrate a new alliance

During the month of February, Lazarillo carried out its first qualification of interior spaces abroad.

photo of a Lazarillo App user at BAC Credomatic, Costa Rica

BAC Credomatic, one of the main banks in Central America, is committed to inclusion. Therefore, thanks to the alliance between Lazarillo and DigitalBank with BAC Credomatic, it was possible to establish three branches in San José, Costa Rica; Moradia, Metropolitan branch and Rio Oro, which already have inland navigation available. In the particular case of the Rio Oro branch, it was enabled in conjunction with the AutoMercado shopping center where it is located. Also in LazarilloApp you can find these and the 65 branches of BAC Credomatic throughout Costa Rica with information about their hours of service and service. Do not wait any longer and go to the branches of BAC Credomatic to learn about this new form of accessibility.

But do you know what inland navigation is and what does its installation in BAC Credomatic mean?

It is a benefit generated by the habilitation of the closed spaces through Lazarillo. This allows to generate independence for people with visual disabilities. By replicating this within public and private buildings, it is very useful, since it allows people to access the bank's services, make use of the facilities and orientate themselves within the branches independently.

Best of all, the demonstrations of habilitation functions were performed by our Costa Rican users!

But how can I find the branches offices of BAC Credomatic?

It is very simple, from the main screen of Lazarillo, you go to the category "Accessible Places", then entered the section of BAC Credomatic and access both to the locations and to the information of the interior navigation.

We are many persons in Chile that are committed for inclusion, this is one of our first alliances abroad. But do not doubt that each time we will be more.

You too can be part of the revolution for inclusion!