Founded in 2016, Lazarillo's mission is to improve the quality of life and autonomy of people with blindness and low vision, creating tools that enhance the relationship between people and institutions, making the world a more accessible and connected place.


We want to be the main platform to help people with disabilities in Chile and the world.


LazarilloApp was born because of the need to generate an inclusive solution for blind or poor vision people so they could mobilize through the city independently.

René Espinoza, CEO of LazarilloApp, realized that it was necessary to create an effective tool that would give autonomy to people with visual disabilities and at the same time allow institutions to make use of it, improving access to spaces. Through his experiences working with inclusion related topics, René met Miguel González. Miguel is blind from birth and currently serves as Director of user’s experience.

They started working together in 2014 on the Lazarillo project. What was a title project at the beginning, thanks to the support of CORFO (Production Development Corporation), SENADIS (National Disability Service), Institute of Complex Engineering Systems (ISCI), OpenLab, OpenBeauchef, among other collaborators, ended up being LazarilloApp, succeeding in specifying the development of the application that today is positioned as a social enterprise of high impact and global recognition.

Nowadays, we continue working to enrich our features that will help transform Lazarillo into not just an app, but into a platform which can help people with visual disabilities, a place where institutions, companies, users, family and friends can meet to create shared value and connect with each other.

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