To use the APP it is required to have a mobile phone with an Android 4.3 operating system (or newer) (regardless of the manufacturer's brand of the computer) or iOS 9.0 or a new version. It also uses mobile internet and requires having the GPS of the Smartphone activated.

Lazarillo is able to work with the screen readers incorporated in the factory system of the equipment, "Talkback" or "VoiceOver". The readers respond to tactile gestures that allow interacting with the functions of the telephone, guaranteeing its accessibility for people with visual disabilities.

The APP is completely free and can be downloaded from "Play Store" or "Apple Store".

Dibujo de celular usando Lazarillo

Registry & Permissions

In order to use Lazarillo you must log in using your Facebook profile, Google or create a new account by writing an email, name, surname and password. You have to allow the App to use your location and to navigate in the exploration tab that will be on close-up.

Imagen de botones de registro
Imagen de menú de exploración Lazarillo
Ícono Exploración


It allows modifications for the App. You can customize the voice by changing its volume, tone and speed. You can also check out the “terms of use” of Lazarillo, visit the web and contact support, among other options.

Ícono Búsquedas Específicas

Specific searches

By pressing the "search" button on the Exploration tab you can search for an address or place known by its name. This option is useful if you want to find a specific site; such as food stores, commercial stores, pharmacy, etc. Once found, when entering the site, you can review the address, save it as a favorite and plan routes to get there easily.

Ícono Búsquedas por Categorías

Search by categories

Check out the Exploration tab, you will find different categories that allow quick reviews of the most common searches; for instance, ATMs, pharmacies, parks, etc. When selecting an option, the App will show the results that are in that category and closest to the user’s location.

Ícono Configuracion


Modifications to the App are allowed. You can customize the voice of the app by changing its volume, tone and speed. You can also know the terms of use of Lazarillo, visit the website and contact support, among other options.

Ícono Guardar Favoritos

Save favorites

To quickly access favorite places, go to “favorites” at the bottom of the browsing screen, you can save sites that are available without an internet connection and linked with your account.

Ícono Enrutamiento o guía

Routing or guiding from one point to another

With Lazarillo you can know transportation options to any destination. For the options to walk, car or bus; the App has Google Maps, Apple Maps, Moovit or Waze depending on the user's operating system. In the case of Uber, nearby cars are displayed with the estimated fare, opening Uber with the configuration ready to confirm the order when selecting a vehicle.

Íconos de peatón, auto y bus
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