Mobile Phone

Of course, there are. These are the so called “Smartphones”, which contain a screen reader so that people can use the phone without problems.
To use LazarilloApp you need a mobile phone with the Android or iOS operating systems, which have mobile internet connection and GPS systems. The App is compatible with the standard Android and iOS screen readers corresponding to "Talkback" and "VoiceOver".

App Availability

No, Lazarillo App is available in all cities and countries of the world. According to the data plan and cellular location, the App operates in different ways depending on the country.
Currently, LazarilloApp is available in three languages: Spanish, English and Indonesian. Soon, the App will be available in other languages, such as Portuguese.
No, Lazarillo App does not replace guide dogs in any way.
No, currently the App is free but soon new features will be added to the application that will be paid for by a low-cost subscription. But, in the same way, the current functions will remain free.
The application can be downloaded from both the Android and iOS operating systems, that is, from Google Play and App Store.


Check if your device meets the basic requirements for the use of Lazarillo. If so, try reinstalling the application. If the problem persists, report it in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Verify that you have a voice engine activated in the system configuration.


The Lazarillo system works through GPS, so it has a certain precision just by moving through the streets and not in interior locations.
There is a possibility that you are in a place where there are few places entered on the map. For this there is the option to add both places and streets manually using the OSM map platform.
If the accuracy is low, you should consider that there are errors depending on the GPS sensor, which may vary by device. If the error is major, check if your mobile internet connection is supported by Lazarillo. It is possible that nearby places have been loaded when using the application in the presence of a WIFI signal, but when you lose this signal and do not have mobile internet, the application is only referring you with respect to these.
Places like offices are not included in the exploration or in the search by categories since they are very particular. But, they can be found by the address through Google and you can also add these places to Favorites. There, they can be shown just for you.
Could it be that by touching the "Where am I?" Button, it does not indicate me the exact location?
This area may not be mapped, so there is no address information.
es, this happens because the GPS can have errors of up to 15 meters, so it will not always indicate the numbers with such precision.

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