Lazarillo is a guidance App. Through voice messages it allows you to know the current location and nearby services you are provided, giving you information regarding bus stations, cafes, banks, restaurants, street intersections and more.

It allows you to search for different destinations and get directions on how to get to the places you wish to go using different types of transportation. Lazarillo links people to the place they live helping them improve their autonomy and independence.

Dibujo de un hotel y un supermercado
Dibujo de una mano conectada a distintos servicios

Besides being a guidance app, Lazarillo wants to be the main information platform for people with visual disabilities, connecting users to different institutions and organizations. In Lazarillo’s main page you can see and promote services, events, workshops and job offers. We want that in the future, users and collaborators can generate content to enrich and improve the maps.

We work every day along and for the people with visual disabilities. The reason is to receive direct feedback and assist them with their necessities. We are confident that our users are the ones who know their own requirements best and can guide us to a better future.

Where does it work

Lazarillo works all over the world, since it uses the main international databases to feed its maps. Using information generated along collaborators, institutions and companies that want to make their spaces more accessible. Currently, the App is available in English and Spanish, meanwhile, we are working on the translation for other languages.

Dibujo de la Tierra con marcadores alrededor del mundo
FaLang translation system by Faboba