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Lazarillo Services

Your visitors can orient themselves and be connected with the information of your facilities

Make your spaces more accessible with Lazarillo Services technology and deliver accurate information to your visitors.

With Lazarillo Services

  • Your visitors can orient themselves and be connected with the information of your facilities.

  • You will give accessibility to people with a visual and auditory disability, as well as with reduced mobility; helping them to move with greater autonomy. Inclusivity will be your seal.

  • You will deliver information about your brand, business or activity; which you will be able to relate to different points of interest and do it whenever you want.

  • You will provide contextual information in an accessible and automatic way.

Lazarillo Services creates accesible spaces

Lazarillo helps you take accessibility to the next level!

Image of a bank with users receiving directions from Lazarillo as 'You are in the cashier sector', and 'Cashier one meter away'
  • Establish your visitors’ position, in order to deliver information about their surroundings in an intelligent way; creating interaction experiences with the space, your products, your services or brand.

  • Facilitates the movement of your visitors, indicating the points of interest within your facilities, guiding them to them if they require it.

  • Creates accessible spaces for everyone. Provides inclusive information for people with disabilities and for all who want to know what is there, as well as how to get around in your spaces.

Visitors are linked with the information of the place through LazarilloApp

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  • They receive information about the place and are linked to the environment through LazarilloApp. Free, accessible and multi-language app, available on Android and iOS.

  • Enables interior and exterior spaces, linking the information of both for fluid navigation.

  • Creates a virtual version of the place, with georeferenced planimetry and linked to the functional information of the space and the services that are delivered there.

  • The places associated to Lazarillo Services have a personalized navigation window within the App; where visitors receive information about schedules, links, services, categories and lists of points of interest, etc.

Solution in interior spaces

Within interior spaces, Lazarillo establishes the position of the visitor in the place and gives him information related to his surroundings. This is possible thanks to the detection of the beacons’ bluetooth signal, which are small and autonomous devices located in the facilities at the moment of their authorization by the Lazarillo team.

For this, Lazarillo has developed a unique platform, where a virtual map of the place is created, establishing information of:

  • The different areas that make it up

  • The main points of interest

  • The relevant furniture structure

This establishes ways of circulation and intelligent messages to allow the exploration and guidance of visitors.

Imagen of Lazarillo on indoor space, using devices locators to indicate areas of a store

Solution in outdoor spaces

Image of city map with relevant points marked

In outdoor spaces, such as parks, sport facilities, etc. Lazarillo identifies the position of the visitor through GPS, allowing them to explore it and establish routes to different points with precise details on the map and the information you would like to deliver to your visitors. This service is not currently available on other platforms.

They have already taken their facilities to the next level

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